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A newborn baby in Kenya
Christmas 2014 schools resources
Use our resources to think about the Nativity story, and discover how women in Kenya face a difficult journey before giving birth.
Planet Earth
Living differently this One World Week
Our autumn assemblies explore how climate change is already affecting three communities in El Salvador, Malawi and Brazil.
Assembly programme for 2014-15
Check out our exciting programme of primary and secondary assembly resources for this school year.
Divine Chocolate logo
Divine Chocolate poetry competition 2014 - winners announced!
Children's author Philip Ardagh announces the winners of the 2014 competition. The theme this year was 'If I met a cocoa farmer'.
Not just a mother’s day
Our primary assembly celebrates the people who care for us.
Motherly love
It’s not just mothers who act in a motherly way. Find out more with our secondary assembly.