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CAW16 news
New! Resources for Christian Aid Week 2016
Christian Aid Week 2016 runs from 15 – 21 May. Get a wiggle on and check out our fantastic new resources to help you celebrate Christian Aid Week in school.
child with globe
Michael Morpurgo's wishes for our world
Our partners at The Climate Coalition have produced a beautiful free schools resource to help children understand the issue of climate change in a new way.
Refugee sitting in station with his family
Refugee Crisis Appeal
Download our Refugee Crisis assembly today.
Fair work
Primary assembly exploring how Fairtrade ensures fair treatment for workers in remote places.
A world of work
Secondary assembly highlighting the challenges faced by some young people in pursuing their dream jobs.
Christian Aid Week 2016 - primary assembly
Discover how wiggly worms are transforming lives in Bangladesh!
Christian Aid Week 2016 - secondary assembly
Uncover the challenges of living on an island at risk of severe flooding.