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Assembly of the month 2009

Here is a list of all the assembly of the month resources we produced during 2009. 

Click here for a list of assemblies produced in 2008.

January - Our primary assembly considers the difference we can make in the world with our new year resolutions.

February - Take a look at the difference fair trade makes around the world using our primary and secondary assemblies. 

March - In the primary assembly we looked at how people around the world are responding to the global recession. The secondary assembly looks at the issue of leadership.

April - The primary assembly looks at the differences between education in Wales and Afghanistan, and the secondary assembly looks at education in Egypt and Angola.

May - Our assemblies both tie in to Christian Aid Week - our primary assembly explores the world with our new interactive whiteboard resource. The secondary assembly looks at how fashion can change lives.

June - Our primary assembly looks at the issue of climate change and how young people can make a difference. The secondary assembly considers child mortality to tie into the theme of this years Global Student Forum.

July - The primary assembly had a sporting theme to tie into sports days, and the secondary assembly considered issues of climate change and how young people can take action.

September – With a harvest theme for our primary and secondary assemblies.

October - The primary assembly and the secondary assembly have a teaching theme for world teachers day.

November - The primary assembly and secondary assembly link to Anti-Bullying Week with a theme of conflict resolution.

December - With stories from Bethlehem and Bolivia, our primary and secondary assemblies for December celebrate the Christmas themes of peace and hope.