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Welcome back to school!
Tahya and daughter in Burkina Faso

6 September 2012

We hope you’ve had a restful summer break.

Here at Christian Aid, we’ve been busy producing a range of materials to help you mark some important moments during autumn term.

- For Harvest, we have some assemblies and lesson plans to explore issues around food and land rights, looking at the situation facing honey-collectors in rural India - Primary resources | Secondary resources

- Continuing with the food theme in October, we have assemblies and lesson plans to help pupils reflect on consumption and wastefulness, and to explore some the challenges of feeding a global population of seven billion people - Primary resources | Secondary resources

- And finally, to round off a busy term, we have some fantastic Christmas assemblies to help your pupils reflect on some of the deeper meanings of Christmas: peace, comfort, love and healing - Primary resources | Secondary resources

We hope that you’ll find these resources useful, informative and inspiring.

Do remember, we always welcome feedback on our resources. Contact