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A 'child's eye' view of the Millennium Development Goals
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In 2000, the UN announced the Millennium Development Goals - that aim to tackle some of the world's most serious problems.

Working for our future is a set of six books that explore the goals through the eyes of children, and considers the positive action that is being taken to fulfil them in both the developing and developed world.

Each book introduces four children from around the world who are affected by a particular issues. Read them to find out what work is being done to improve their situations; learn how everyone has a responsibility to help, and find out exactly how we can all do something.

Interest age: 7-13 years

Ordering information

Call 08700 787788 to order your copies, quoting the relevant codes: 

Working for our Future - set of 6 books, £50.00 / €65 (RRP £77.94 / €105) - P470

Or you can purchase each book indivdually for £9.99 / €13.50 (RRP £12.99 / € 17.50)

Education for All - P471

Fighting Disease - P472

Ending Poverty and Hunger - P473

Healthy Mothers - P474

Sustaining the environment - P475

An equal chance for girls and women - P476