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Get ready for lift off!
Global Explorers

Christian Aid is proud to present Global Explorers - a free interactive whiteboard resource for schools.

With a spinning globe and an animated rocket ship that has caused children to jump up and down with excitment, Global Explorers takes pupils on a journey around the world to explore countries that Christian Aid works in.

With a specific focus on India, the Demoractic Republic of Congo, Honduras, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Malawi and the UK.

Through real-life stories, pupils meet a child from each of these countries and learn about their life and what it's like to live in each country.

With worksheets and links to Global Gang, children can consider how their lives compare and are encouraged to think of actions they could take to make the world a better place.

Global Explorers is a fun, colourful, innovative resource aimed at 7-to-11 year olds. 

Using real-life stories, images, videos, audio, worksheets and quizzes.

Global Explorers is perfect for cross-curricular teaching of Geography/Environmental Studies, RE/RME, Citizenship/PSHE/PSD/PSE/ESDGC.

Click here to take a look at Global Explorers.