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Michael Morpurgo's wishes for our world
child with globe

It has arrived! Our partners at The Climate Coalition have produced a beautiful free schools resource to help children understand the issue of climate change in a new way. 

Download the free English resource for ages 9-11 (KS2): Wishes For Our World.

See our beautiful film based on Michael Morpurgo's letter.  

The resource builds on:

• A moving letter Michael Morpurgo has written from a grandfather to his granddaughter inspiring learners to protect the people, places and life we love from climate change for generations to come.
• A stunning accompanying film, starring Jeremy Irons, to encourage learners to express their feelings about the world in a creative way.

It also includes an exciting letter writing competition. The winning child will receive a trip to see Michael Morpurgo’s latest play, an excerpt of their letter will be published in First News and they will receive a set of books signed by Michael Morpurgo.