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Present Aid virtual gifts
Pair of school shoes

Help children realise their dreams with a Present Aid virtual gift


Children are full of dreams for the future. Your work with young people helps them to achieve their goals and here at Christian Aid we try to do the same.


Abeda Banda is one of many children living a life affected by HIV. She wants to be a lawyer. But first she needs to complete her education and sit her final year exams. And to do that she needs a school uniform – right down to the shoes.


Present Aid gifts are a great way to help children like Abeda build a brighter future. Much needed gifts include school uniforms, computer training, school shoes or even a teacher's salary.


To help children like Abeda realise their dreams, please visit Present Aid.


If you'd like to get your class or youth group involved, check out our fun Present Aid fundraising ideas over on Global Gang.