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Send My Friend to School campaign 2009

The Send My Friend to School campaign unites hundreds of thousands of students and teachers in the UK - to lobby the government to keep its promise and make sure that every child can go to school, no matter where they live in the world.

This year, the Send My Friend to School campaign is asking schools across the UK to join in a ‘Big Read’ event on the 22 April.

This is a perfect opportunity to promote literacy and global citizenship within your own school, whilst championing the rights of children worldwide to primary education.

Send My Friend to School is part of a global movement to ensure that world leaders stand by their commitment to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education for all children by 2015.

Christian Aid supports the Global Campaign for Education, because we believe education is an essential tool for people trying to lift themselves out of poverty.

Click here to watch the Send My Friend to School animation.



Visit to register your school for the Big Read, and to receive your free Teachers Pack.