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Cyclone strikes Burma

Christian Aid has launched an appeal to help the people in Burma cope with the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis. 

Our partners have begun to distribute emergency resources where they can, and will assist with rebuilding the communities. They will also undertake work with children who have been affected by this tragedy - helping them to cope with the trauma of the experience when many will have lost family members.

To help school-aged children understand the situation in Burma, we have a new assembly resource. It will help you explain what's happening on the ground, the challenges that the population faces and what Christian Aid is doing to help.

There are also ideas included about how fundraising can make a difference - from £5 which is enough to provide clothes for 10 children who have lost everything to £105 which will pay for play therapy materials for centers who help children overcome trauma.

The resource is ideal for primary school aged children, but it can be easily adapted for use with the secondary school age groups.

For the latest news on what Christian Aid is doing in Burma please look at our main website.