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Darfur emergency appeal

Donate to Christian Aid's Darfur emergency appeal and help relieve the suffering.

Today, an estimated 1.9 million people are living in makeshift camps in Darfur. For many, these camps have been their home for the past three years as ongoing conflict has made it impossible for them to return home.

But conflict in the region has escalated because a failed peace agreement split rebel groups into factions and caused further fighting.

Immediate humanitarian aid is needed now. Although this is a sticking plaster and not a cure for the people of Darfur, it is essential that they have the right to life – to food, clean water and education. Failure to respond to this situation isn’t an option; it’s a matter of human dignity.

Peace must be restored so that people can return to their homes and rebuild their lives.

Christian Aid has been working in Darfur for the past three years through the ACT/Caritas network, which has one of the largest humanitarian programmes in the region.

Find out more about the Darfur emergency appeal and how you can donate