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East Africa food crisis
East Africa food crisis

July 2011

Christian Aid is responding to the east Africa food crisis and an emergency appeal has been launched to help people affected across the region.

What's going on?

Drought combined with rising food prices has left the east and the horn of Africa, especially Kenya and Ethiopia, facing a food crisis.

Some parts of the region are experiencing the driest conditions in 60 years. After two poor rainy seasons in 2011, drought in countries affected has left more than 12 million people hungry and in urgent need of food and water.

Due to the lack of water, some schools and hospitals have been forced to close and people are travelling for miles to collect water to drink.   

What can be done to help?

Christian Aid partners in Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya are closely monitoring the situation. Money raised will fund life-saving measures, such as:

  • emergency tanks and distribution of water for villages experiencing the worst of the drought conditions

  • construction of additional water points

  • food for families who currently are not reached by the World Food Programme response

  • extra nutrition for malnourished children and pregnant women

  • animal feed to protect livestock that are so crucial to survival

  • helping communities become more resilient to future crises.  

Donate to the east Africa appeal online >

Share at school

If you would like to explore these issues with your pupils, please:

Download our primary school assembly about World Food Day and malnutrition.

Download our secondary school assembly about World Food Day and the east Africa food crisis.

View our photogallery

View our video on YouTube

Optional prayer for use in assemblies:

We cry to you, O God, out of our distress at the suffering of the people of east Africa who are currently experiencing severe food shortages.

Please help the hungry people of Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia get the assistance they need.

Please energise those who have resources to share to give, and give generously.

Please protect those working in difficult circumstances to deliver aid swiftly and fairly.

Please help us to continue to hold these people before you in our prayers.



Find out more about the east Africa food crisis on the Christian Aid website.