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Flooding in southern Africa
Flooded crops in Sofala province of Mozambique

Extreme rainfall in Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe has caused severe flooding. Many poor farmers have lost their crops, and food shortages are likely in the months ahead. Christian Aid has launched an appeal, click here to find out more and make a donation.

Our partners are already active, working to save waterlogged crops, prevent disease and distribute food and blankets to people who have had to evacuate their homes. But as downpours continue in many areas, the worse could be yet to come. Southern Africa‚Äôs rainy season lasts until March.

Flooding was a regular event in the news over the summer of 2007, both in the UK and overseas, and may well have been experienced first hand by the young people you work with.

While the floods in the UK have cause hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of damage, floods across large swathes of Africa and Asia have washed away homes, crops and livestock leaving hundreds dead and thousands in urgent need of food and shelter.

The resources listed here look at why flooding is so serious for people living in certain parts of the world, and give facts and figures to help explore the current situation further.

Assembly - our Crazy Climate pack  includes an assembly on flooding, and has a photogallery of disasters images

Bookmark the emergency pages on the main Christian Aid website to get up-to-date facts and figures 
Our 'Planet teacher' resource on disasters explores stories from our children's website, Global Gang, which also features news updates on the flooding and other world events