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About Learn

What is Learn?

Learn is our new website for teachers and youth leaders. Bursting with exciting, practical material, our bank of easy-to-use resources - assemblies, classroom activities and games - will inspire students and youth groups to engage with world issues and grow as global citizens.

How can I find a resource/assembly/teaching activity?

The new Learn website makes finding the right resource, assembly, or teaching activity easy. Make use of the fast Search and Advanced search facilities, browse the A-Z topics, or browse the different types of resources available categorised for primary and secondary teachers, and for youth leaders.

How do I know if the resource is relevant for the subject I'm teaching?

Resources are categorised by theme, country, age group and subject area to ensure you make the curriculum links you need.

What is the resource toolbox?

The resource toolbox is on the right hand side of each resource page. The toolbox makes it easy to navigate among our great range of activities for schools and youth groups, including photo gallerie, videos, related resources, interesting related stories and useful links.

How do I order a resource?

All printed resources and prices items, like our popular simulation games, Big Books and DVD packs, can be ordered online, by post, fax or phone.

You can now use your eLearning Credits (eLCs) to purchase Christian Aid's multimedia resources.

Online: In the resources toolbox click the 'Order print material for this resource' hyperlink.

By post: Send orders to Christian Aid, PO Box 390, Grays, RM17 9DG.
In the Republic of Ireland: Christian Aid Ireland, 17 Clanwilliam Terrace, Dublin 2.

By fax: Fax your credit card orders to 01375 484 556 or 01 661 0949 (ROI).

By phone: Call our 24 hour hotline 08700 787 788 or 01 611 0801 (ROI).

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