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Resource formats

Where can I find resources to download on Learn?

All Learn's online resources are free, so please navigate between them, look at them, save them, print them, and use them! This page aims to help you with this.

You will find all the resources available for download in the resource toolbox, on the right-hand side of each resources page. Lesson plans, games, instant sessions and assembly presentations are among the resources on offer.

How do I access a resource?

There are two ways: opening directly and saving.

To open a resource directly from the website, simply left-click on its name in the resource toolbox, which will be in red and underlined. Then left-click on 'open', if  prompted.

You can also save the resource onto your computer, to use it when you are not on the Internet.

To do this, move the cursor (mouse pointer) over the name of the resource in the resource toolbox.

Right-click, and select 'Save target as...' from the menu. You can then name the file and select the location you would like to save it to, for example, to your desktop.

Which resources are in Welsh?

We offer a substantial range of Welsh language resources online. Where these are available, the resource name is in Welsh in the resource toolbox.

What formats are available?

There are two main formats of files that we use: pdf and ppt.

What is a 'pdf'?

This means 'portable document format', and is a format commonly used for resources because they can be easily saved and printed. You can't edit pdfs.

Pdfs appear at the top of the resource toolbox, under the heading 'PDF'.

If you cannot open a pdf file, you probably need to download and install the free software: 'Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™'.

You can get this from the Adobe website:

What is a 'ppt'?

This is a 'PowerPoint' file. PowerPoint™ is a Microsoft® program used for presentations. We use this format for assembly presentations.

You need to have the Microsoft® PowerPoint™ program. This is not free, but is a common piece of software.

PowerPoint™ files appear below the pdfs in the resource toolbox, under the subheading 'other'.

How can I see notes for PowerPoint presentations?

Some of the assemblies have notes which accompany the slides of the PowerPoint presentation.

If you open the presentation directly from the website, you can see these by right-clicking anywhere on the screen, selecting 'Screen' from the menu, and then selecting 'Speaker Notes'. However, if you do this, the notes will appear onscreen, obscuring the presentation.

To avoid this, you can save the PowerPoint to your computer and then open the file. If you do this, you will be able to see the notes below the presentation.

Alternatively, for all the assembly PowerPoints which have notes, you can find the notes in an separate file, in the resource toolbox, saved as a pdf (see above), which you can then print off and use while the PowerPoint is displayed.

Please note that not all PowerPoint presentations have notes, so if you cannot find them, they probably aren't there!

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