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About Christian Aid

What is Christian Aid?

Christian Aid is a charity that funds projects in some of the world's poorest countries. It helps people to improve their own lives and to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice. It was set up in 1945 by churches in the UK and Ireland.

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Does Christian Aid get involved in politics?

Christian Aid is not party-political and always works within the law. But we believe that it's our duty to address the causes of poverty. Many of these causes, such as debt or trade, are essentially political or economic in origin. Christian Aid believes we can use our influence on politicians and business leaders to make sure that they think about what is best for the world's poorest people.

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Does Christian Aid only help Christians?

No, Christian Aid funds projects that help people regardless of their beliefs. We work with organisations of all faiths and none. Some of the work we fund is carried out through local Christian organisations, but it is always for the benefit of whole communities.

How Christian is Christian Aid?

We are the official overseas development agency of 41 church denominations. We’re an inclusive organisation and our supporters, volunteers, campaigners and staff are of all faiths and none. We are not a missionary organisation: we work with people according to need, and regardless of religion.

Does Christian Aid carry out missionary work?

Christian Aid is not a missionary society. We are an overseas development agency, sponsored by 41 churches in the UK and Ireland.

If you are interested in carrying out missionary work, you could contact the Bible Society or OSCAR (the UK Information Service for World Mission).

Does Christian Aid send volunteers overseas?

Our partner organisations are based in the countries where we work and employ local staff. We do not place volunteers in our programmes around the world, but volunteers are vital to our work in the UK and Ireland.

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For more information on volunteering outside the UK and Ireland, you could contact Christians Abroad or VSO.