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Christian Aid and young people

Can young people really make a difference?

Yes! Our websites are full of stories about children from all around the world who are each doing their bit to make the world a better place. Primary children can visit the Global Gang for lots of ideas about things they can do. Teenagers and young adults can find suggestions including easy email actions at the campaigns section of our main website.

Where can I find out about volunteering opportunities?

Volunteers are vital to Christian Aid’s work, visiting schools and youth groups, campaigning, fundraising and helping out in our offices. You could get involved in fundraising for Christian Aid Week, join our trade justice or climate change campaigns, volunteer as a Christian Aid Teacher, or join the GAP year placement.

Click here to find out more about volunteering

Does Christian Aid set up links between schools overseas and in the UK and Ireland?

Christian Aid works with partner organisations rather than specific schools or children, which makes setting up links between schools difficult. But we are aware that schools in the UK and Ireland are keen to establish communication with schools overseas.

One of the ways in which we have tried to establish communication between children in the UK and Ireland, and the countries where Christian Aid works is through a partner linking project on our children’s website Global Gang. Partners collect stories from children they work with including messages for the website’s message board to which children in the UK and Ireland can respond.

How can my school fundraise for Christian Aid? Are there any resources to help young people fundraise?

Christian Aid has some great resources that include activities and fundraising ideas to use with your class or youth group.

Find out more about fundraising for Christian Aid

Do you have any good educational materials to help teachers and youth leaders introduce global issues?

Yes! Christian Aid believes it is important to educate people about life in other countries. We do this through events, and printed and online resources. These resources and events tell young people what life is like for people in poor communities – and how it could be. We outline what needs to be done and how Christian Aid partners are making a difference. And, of course, the part you can play.

Visit Learn's resource pages for teachers and for youth leaders or browse for publications on specific topics in our A to Z list.

Can someone from Christian Aid visit my youth group/school?

Absolutely. Our youth workers and Christian Aid Volunteer Teachers are happy to lead sessions or to help you run one. Click here to contact us and we'll let you know if someone is available to help with your event.

Do you charge for visits to schools/youth groups? Do you expect us to fundraise for you after your visit?

No. We do not charge schools/youth groups for our visits and you are not required to fundraise for us after our visit. However, we do rely on donations to continue our work and any money you give is gratefully received.

Find out how your school or youth group can fundraise for Christian Aid

What is a Volunteer Teacher and how do I become one?

Experienced professional Christian Aid Volunteer Teachers visit primary and secondary schools on a voluntary basis. With a wealth of knowledge about development issues, our Volunteer Teachers bring a global dimension to the classroom.

Volunteer Teachers can contribute to all kinds of education on development issues including:
• assemblies on fair trade, climate change, poverty or HIV
• supporting class projects about a developing country
• explaining the work of an overseas development agency using real stories and photos from our partner organisations in more than 50 countries
• holding conferences for students on issues ranging from conflict to the environment to trade.

Find out how to become a Christian Aid Volunteer Teacher