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Gap year opportunities

Some of our sixth form students are thinking of taking a gap year before starting university. Do you offer gap year opportunities overseas?

Christian Aid provides a UK-based gap year for anyone who wants to take a year out, including those who have already been to university and students who are about to go.

We believe that some of the biggest obstacles to development, such as unfair trade rules and world debt, need to be challenged from the UK. Our gap year programme takes participants on an overseas trip that allows them to see the work of our partners first hand. When they return to the UK we place them in a regional office and give them the training, support and resources they need to use their experiences to encourage other young people to join us in our fight against poverty.

We don’t do overseas placements because we support community-based organisations already working on the ground in developing countries. They know the problems, the language, and the culture – so they are in the best position to understand how to sort things out. But we guarantee that gap year participants won’t get bored back in the UK!

Find out more about Christian Aid's gap year

If however you do still want to go abroad, there are a number of organisations that can help you:

Raleigh International 
Restless Development
World Service Enquiry