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Forest foods forever: Christian Aid Week 2013 assembly and activities
Theme: food, hunger
Country: Bolivia
Elmy Ymanarlico holding a woolless sheep

This Christian Aid Week (12-18 May 2013), thousands of people will stand together to speak out for change and raise funds to help some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.

It’s a shocking fact that today around 870 million people are desperate for food. That means that one in eight people will go to bed hungry tonight.

This year, Christian Aid Week focuses on food security, and our school resources feature the inspiring story of a rainforest community in Bolivia who are working hard to overcome hunger and protect their forest home.

Use our assembly and activities to share this story with your class.


Christian Aid Week 2013 - Ivana's story
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Download Ivana's story (Hightail, 78mb)

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Age: 7-11
Subject areas: Citizenship