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Dreaming of a better world: January 2014 assembly and presentation
Theme: Equality, diversity, rights, justice
Country: Angola
Vanuza Sabalo

Our January primary assembly marks the anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. It explores how important it is to keep dreaming and working for a better world.

Martin Luther King Jr campaigned peacefully to the US government for everyone to have equal rights - and he encouraged other people to get involved, too.

Eighteen-year-old Vanuza Sabalo lives in Angola. She had a difficult childhood but, with the help of our partner, Omunga, she now has her own home and can concentrate on living - and dreaming of a bright future - rather than being scared about what life will bring. She hopes to use her skills to help others.

Download your assembly plan and presentation from the resource box on the right.

Age: 7-11
Subject areas: Citizenship, RE, Geography, History