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Refugee Crisis: September 2015 assembly and presentation
Theme: Refugee crisis
Country: Syria, Europe
Refugee sitting in station with family

Christian Aid has launched an emergency appeal to help refugees.

This all-age assembly will help your pupils to:

• understand some of the causes of the current refugee crisis in Europe,
• empathise with the plight of people who are fleeing from violence in Syria
• consider appropriate responses to the crisis. 

The assembly considers why one boy’s story might have changed attitudes, and asks everyone to come together to hold the refugees in their thoughts and/or prayers.

Download your assembly plan and presentation from the resource box on the right.

Please note: PDFs of Powerpoint presentations are also supplied for Mac users who are unable to use Powerpoint files. Some files cannot be amended because of copyright restrictions. 

Age: 7-11 / 11-14
Subject areas: Citizenship, RE, Geography