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Celebrate Christmas with Christian Aid
Theme: Christmas, maternal health,
Country: Nigeria

Mince pies are in the shops and that can mean only one thing… Christmas will soon be upon us!

We know what a busy time of year this is, so we have a ready-made Christmas Celebration for you to download.

It’s adaptable, so whether you’re planning a carol concert, nativity play or assembly, you can use it as a basis for your Christmas celebrations in school.

And what’s more – it’s got a global twist!

Drawing parallels between the birth of Jesus and the birth of babies threatened by malaria in Nigeria, this celebration will help your pupisl explore the meaning of Christmas.

For primary schools wishing to take it further, we also have an Advent Activity Sheet.
For secondary schools, we have a special Nativity Sketch.

Happy Christmas!

Age: 5-11 / 9-11 / 11+ / GCSE
Subject areas: Geography, RE, Citizenship