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Light the way: Nativity sketch and poster
Theme: Christmas, peace, love, refugees
Country: Serbia

When it’s dark and cold outside, many of us like to close the door on the outside world.

This Christmas, we challenge your pupils to consider the message of Jesus and to offer their warmth to others.

Our adaptable nativity sketch is humorous, but makes a serious point about how we treat other people.
We hope that it will engage pupils, give them a deeper understanding of what the Christmas story means,
and encourage them to embrace peace and tolerance in our troubled world.

This sketch is adaptable, so could be used with a range of pupils from primary to lower secondary.

You can download the Nativity Sketch from the resources box on the right hand side of this webpage.

We also have a poster available for you to order!

If you would like to order the printed resource, which includes a poster as well as the Nativity Sketch, please email:

Age: 7-11
Subject areas: Citizenship, Geography, R.E.
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