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Disaster Strikes Game
Theme: Disasters
Country: Philippines
Houses submerged by flood waters in Taguig city, Philippines

The Typhoon Town Challenge game gives an insight into what life is like for a community located in a particularly poor part of Metro Manila, the capital region of the Philippines.

In this game, pupils work together in teams to plan and build their perfect town. But they’ll have to make some tough budgeting choices along the way.

And their town is located in the Philippines -  pupils have no idea that a typhoon is on its way. What will they do when disaster strikes? How will they cope? And have they got what it takes to work as a team to rebuild? 

This interactive team game will help pupils work together to understand the devastating impact of a disaster on the lives of people living in poverty and consider the important things needed to reduce risk.

Age: 7-11
Subject areas: Geography/Environmental Studies; RE/RME; PSHE/PSE/PSD/Citizenship; English