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Disaster strikes
Theme: Disasters
Country: Pakistan, Haiti, Guatemala, Kenya, Indonesia
Graphic showing a house damaged by a natural disaster

Hurricanes, droughts, flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis...

Our world is full of hazards. But hazards don’t always have to become disasters - and even when they do, there is so much that can be done to reduce the effects on people’s lives.


These resources will help pupils to understand what disasters are, the impact that they can have on the world’s poorest communities, what can be done to prepare for them and to reduce their impact, and how Christian Aid works to support those worst affected.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to:
• identify a disaster
• understand different types of disaster
• recognise the practical and emotional impacts of a disaster
• understand how people can prepare for and deal with disasters
• identify the link between poverty and disaster risk
• explain how the impacts of future disasters can be reduced
• investigate the link between disasters and climate change
• consider appropriate responses to a disaster.

Resources available

• Poster and sticker sheet
• Teaching notes and pupil worksheets
• Simulation game
• Assembly 
• Film clips 


Different Disasters
Watch on YouTube
Download Different Disasters (Hightail, 313mb)

Preparing for Disasters
Watch on YouTube
Download Preparing for Disasters (Hightail, 223mb)

All these resources are free. Download the films by clicking on the links above. To order a copy of the Disaster Strikes poster and sticker sheet (F2202), please email Download the other resources from the toolbox on the right-hand side of this page.

Curriculum links

• Geography/Environmental Studies
Geographical enquiry and skills/Knowledge and understanding of places/Knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainability/Themes of water, settlements and environmental issues

Study the work of a Christian charity/Stewardship/Caring for our world

• PSHE/PSD/PSE/Citizenship
Participation/Responsibilities/Global awareness/Global citizenship

• English
Speaking and listening/Reading/Writing

For full curriculum links, download the Curriculum Links document from the resources toolbox.

We also have secondary resources on disasters, available for students aged 11 to 14.

Age: 7-11
Subject areas: Geography/Environmental Studies; RE/RME; PSHE/PSE/PSD/Citizenship; English