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Your planet needs you (English and Welsh)
Theme: climate change and the environment
Country: Mali and India
Gouanfing Coulibaly lives in Mali

This primary assembly encourages pupils to think about the environmental impact of their actions. 

It looks at how our actions in this country have an impact around the world. It also provides some ideas about how young people can address this problem.

Recent studies have shown that primary school children experience high levels of anxiety about climate change. This assembly encourages pupils to think about positive steps we can take to look after a planet in need.

The assembly features real stories of children from Mali and India who have suffered food shortages and flooding as a result of climate change. It provides examples of how positive steps are being taken to cope with a changing climate.

Age: 7-11
Subject areas: Geography/Environmental Studies, Citizenship/PSHE/PSD/PSE and RE/RME