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Education in emergencies
Theme: education, emergencies, global citizenship
Country: India

Have your students ever stopped to think about how  important their schooling is?

And do they know that more than 37 million children from crisis-affected countries are still missing out on school?

Since the year 2000, much progress has been made to get more children into school. But getting to school can be difficult, especially if you live in a place affected by an emergency, like a conflict or a natural disaster.

This assembly explains what happened to a group of children whose school was washed away in a flood, and asks students to consider the millions of children (like those affected by the conflict in Syria) who are missing out on school right now.

This assembly supports the Send My Friend to School campaign. This year, the campaign’s focus is on Education in Emergencies. For more information, visit:

Age: 11-14 / 14-16
Subject areas: Geography, RE, Citizenship
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