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No place like home: Christian Aid Week 2014 assembly and activities
Theme: conflict
Country: Colombia, South Sudan, Iraq

Christian Aid Week in school: 11–17 May 2014

Christian Aid Week is a very special moment in the year, when communities across Britain come together to give, act and pray to help the world’s poorest people.

This year, Christian Aid Week explores the work that our partners are doing to tackle violence and build peace across the world.

Meet Edile, a young boy whose family was forced to leave their home in Colombia and live in the jungle, but now have a safe place to live. And Veyola, whose family have made a dangerous journey to rebuild their home in South Sudan.

Resources to download

In the Resources Toolbox on the right-hand-side of this page are some fantastic teaching materials to help your school engage with this special moment, and to help pupils understand how conflict impacts on people’s lives and homes.

There is also a fundraising pack to download, which encourages your pupils to step up as global citizens and take the lead on any fundraising your school might do in support of Christian Aid Week.

Below, you will find a lovely film of Edile to download, which really helps to bring his story to life.

Download this video

Items to order

We have a printed poster featuring Edile, which is available to order from (order ref F2257).

You can also order a Christian Aid Week banner to display in your school! Our fabric banners will let the whole school community know that you are supporting Christian Aid Week this year. Email to request your banner today.

We hope that you will find your involvement with Christian Aid Week inspiring and rewarding; an opportunity to help your pupils understand more about the world we live in and their place in it.

Age: 11-14
Subject areas: Citizenship, Geography, R.E.