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A taxing issue: Fairtrade and tax
Theme: Fairtrade, tax justice
Country: Guatemala, Bolivia
Omar, aged 9, and his friend from Bolivia

This Fairtrade Fortnight, 27 February - 11 March 2012, help your pupils understand the importance of tax in providing essential services in developing countries and how Fairtrade has improved lives around the world.

Poor countries lose more money through tax dodging every year than they receive in aid! Meet Omar from Bolivia, whose life was changed when campaigners helped raise the level of tax on oil and gas exports. Now his family no longer have to choose between food and school clothes.

Find out how small actions and campaigners around the world have helped change lives.

Download your assembly plan and presentation from the resource box on the right.

Age: 11-14
Subject areas: Citizenship, Geography, R.E.