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Dulce et Decorum est pro patria mori?: July 2014 assembly and presentation
Theme: Conflict, First World War
Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
A soldier with a gun in a trench

Our secondary assembly explores the significance of the First World War, and we think about wars that are still raging across the world today.

The First World War started 100 years ago, in July 1914. It involved more than 100 countries. More than nine million soldiers died in the fighting.

Nowadays, war still makes life difficult for many people around the world.

Meet Shukuru from the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose life was affected by violence, and find out how our partners respond to war and fighting in the world today. 

Download your assembly plan and presentation from the resource box on the right.

Age: 11-14
Subject areas: Citizenship, R.E., Geography, History