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Christian Aid Week 2016 secondary assemblies and activities
Theme: climate change
Country: Bangladesh
Christian Aid Week 2016

This Christian Aid Week (15 - 21 May), we’re finding out about what it’s like to live on an island in the middle of a river in Bangladesh.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live on an island? Well, of course, you already do! But the islands that make up the UK and Ireland are large and very stable. In Bangladesh, some people live on islands in the middle of rivers. These islands are small and they’re made of silt, so people living there often struggle to grow enough food and are at risk from dangerous flooding.

Climate change is making life even harder for people on these islands, but in spite of that, the people here are determined to thrive, not just survive. Christian Aid’s partners there are helping people to raise their homes and grow more food with worm farms. Find out how people like Julekha are dealing with the challenges of living on an island in a rising river. 

There are also plenty of ideas to help your school to raise money to help families like Julekha’s in Bangladesh. Order a poster to:

• Learn about Christian Aid’s work in Bangladesh
• Hold a worm-themed fundraising day in your school to help support Christian Aid’s work

Order your Islands in a Rising River poster today by emailing Please ensure that you include your name, address, quantity needed and which version you require: 'Primary Poster' or 'Secondary Poster'.

Already got your poster?

You can download the assembly notes and slideshow, plus fundraising ideas, and Wonderful Worms graphic from the resources toolbox on the right hand side of this page. 

Age: 11-14
Subject areas: Citizenship, Geography, R.E.