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Theme: Global inequality
Country: Global
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Poverty, peace and power: Putting Christian faith into action

In 2014, Christian Aid is running a pilot project with a small group of church schools.

This project aims to inspire and inform RE students about faith perspectives on critical global issues, with in-depth exploration of how Christians might understand poverty, peace and power.

Some of the lessons include recommendations for film content, and these films have been made available here to view or download for your convenience.

Lesson 2: An exploration of poverty and inequality in the modern world

This global wealth inequality film uses graphics to highlight global inequality.

(Please note, this film is produced by, and therefore Christian Aid cannot accept responsibility for content.)

Lesson 3: Christian Aid’s work

The Transformers film explains the work of Christian Aid. 

Download the Transformers video

Lesson 5: Power and authority

Schoolgirls raise a million dollars film: two schoolgirl campaigners from Brazil have taken on decision-makers - and won!

Download the Schoolgirls raise a million dollars video

The Poverty Over animation places the challenge of ending poverty in context.

Download the Poverty Over animation

Lesson 6: Faith into action

The Inspired film shows young Christians explaining why their faith inspires them to do charity work.

Download the Inspired film

If your school is not currently involved in the pilot project, but would like to be in the future, then please email for more information.

Age: 11-14
Subject areas: RE/RME; PSHE/PSE/PSD/Citizenship
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