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Celebrate harvest with us! (English and Welsh)
Theme: Harvest; availability of food; famine and hunger; conservation farming; sustainable development; food security
Country: Bolvia; Kenya; UK/Ireland; Zimbabwe
Naomi tending crops in Kenya

Celebrate harvest with us! includes inspiring assemblies and teaching activities, including a chance to work outside of the classroom by starting a school garden project. 

Our resource introduces students to the issues facing people who grow their own food, and their motivation.
  • Global gardeners is our assembly for 7- to 11-year-olds which celebrates similarities by looking at the experiences of local and global gardeners. Use with the Global gardeners PowerPoint presentation.
  • Six times as much food is our assembly for 11- to 14-year-olds which celebrates the value of education and training in sustainable and conservation farming techniques to improve people's lives.
  • Further activities include starting up a garden project in your own school and exploring issues of fair trade.

The work of Christian Aid's partners in Bolivia, Kenya and Zimbabwe are profiled and students learn how the small changes they make to the work of farmers brings huge differences to their harvests. 

Age: 7-11 / 11-14
Subject areas: ESD/Global Citizenship/Local and Global Citizenship/Citizenship/Social, Environmental and Scientific Education/Social, Political and Environmental Education; Geography/Environmental Studies; PSHE/PSE/PSED/SPHE; RE/RS/RME