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Just living? Unit one: Why should Christians help the poor?
Theme: Christianity, poverty
Country: Worldwide
Boy reading the Bible

Why should Christians help the poor? An examination of teachings in the Bible that inspire believers to help the disadvantaged. (Are Christians just living or living with a purpose?)

I'w ddarllen yn y Gymraeg >

Christians believe that God is the creator of the world and that the Bible is the inspired word of God. We are called to obey his word and follow the teachings of Jesus. Many passages in the Bible talk about the way we treat the world and other people we share it with, particularly the poor.

Unit one resources:

Lesson plans

Unit one lesson plans (PDF, 215kb)

Resource sheets:

1: God of Justice lyrics (PDF, 70kb)
2: What's it all about? (PDF, 78kb)
3: What does the Bible say? (PDF, 78kb)
4: Inspired by the word of God (PDF, 72kb)
5: Unpacking the verse (PDF, 74kb)
6: Be persuasive (PDF, 492kb)
7: The greatest commandment (PDF, 73kb)


1: God of Justice (WMV)

Watch on YouTube
Download God of Justice (YouSendIt, 24mb)

2: Inspired (WMV)

Watch on YouTube
Download Inspired (YouSendIt, 9mb)


Images 1-4 for pupils' use.

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Age: 14-16 / GCSE
Subject areas: Religious studies