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Just living? Unit two: What is Christian Aid?
Theme: Christianity, poverty
Country: Worldwide
Christian Aid supporters at the lobby of EU Embassies in London, 19 April 2007, organised by the Trade Justice Movement prior to the G8 meeting of ministers.

What is Christian Aid? The work of a Christian organisation striving for social justice. (Working for just living.)

I'w ddarllen yn y Gymraeg >

Christian Aid's vision is an end to poverty, and it believes that vision can become a reality. It works to:

  • expose the scandal of poverty
  • help in practical ways to root poverty out from the world
  • challenge and change the structures that keep people poor.

Unit two resources:

Lesson plans
Unit two lesson plans (PDF, 215kb)

Resource sheets
8: Christian Aid quiz (PDF, 72kb)
9: Campaigning, the stats (PDF, 80kb)

1: Christian Aid, an introduction (PDF, 7329kb)
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3: Introducing Christian Aid
Watch on YouTube
Download Introducing Christian Aid (YouSendIt, 67mb)

4: Christian Aid adverts
Watch on YouTube
Download Christian Aid adverts (YouSendIt, 86mb)

Images 1-8 for pupils' use.
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Age: 14-16 / GCSE
Subject areas: Religious studies