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Just living? Unit three: What is poverty?
Theme: Christianity, poverty
Country: Worldwide
Chachabole Village. Hassan Salat, 30, father of 7, stands beside the remains of his donkey that died 15 days ago.

What is poverty? Examining what poverty is and what causes it. (Only just living?)

I'w ddarllen yn y Gymraeg >

Although poverty is usually defined as a lack of money or material goods, it is more than this. It is multi-dimensional and often relates to a lack of power.

Unit three resources:

Lesson plans
Unit three lesson plans (PDF, 253kb)

Resource sheets
10: Poverty scenarios (PDF, 440kb) 
11: Issue tree (PDF, 253kb)
12: How vulnerable are you? (PDF, 73kb)
13: Consequences (PDF, 81kb)

5: Tomato farmer
Watch on YouTube 
Download Tomato farmer (YouSendIt, 20mb)

6: Supper time
Watch on YouTube 
Download Supper time (YouSendIt, 22mb)

7: Washing day
Watch on YouTube 
Download Washing day (YouSendIt, 21mb)

Age: 14-16 / GCSE
Subject areas: Religious studies