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Theme: Christian Aid Week, poverty, music
Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Nadia lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Meet Nadia...

Where we are born and what we are born into has a lot of influence on our life. But so does our outlook, our action, our spirit and our resolve.

This Christian Aid Week, use our instant session and animation to help your young people connect with 18 year old Nadia Kabula in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A young person just like them. But who happens to have been born into very different circumstances.

Look further this Christian Aid Week and rediscover our common humanity.

Take a look in the toolbox for the leaders notes, and click on this link to view the animation.

You can find out more about what is going on this Christian Aid Week by loooking at the Christian Aid Week website

Age: Youth group (11-18)
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