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Eyes on the storm
Theme: Rebuilding after environmental disaster
Country: Burma
Eyes on the storm

What did you do this summer? Go to the seaside? Bite your nails waiting for exam results? Live through a cyclone?

The people of Burma had their worst summer ever. More than 70,000 people died in a cyclone. And they're still counting the dead. Estimated figures border 200,000.

Christian Aid partners are comforting survivors, clearing up and rebuilding. For as long as it takes.

You can help your youth group support their peers in Burma through fundraising and praying.

In the toolbox you'll find a set of postcards with lots of info and activities, and below are links to film clips that will help present the issues to your group.

Check out the video clips:
Jahaziel rapping for Burma
Jahaziel behind the scenes - unique footage of him making the video
Jahaziel's testimony - at becoming a youth ambassador for Christian Aid 
Disasters clips - featuring a hospital in Bangladesh 

Age: Youth group (11-18)
Resource toolbox
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