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Stand out from the crowd
Theme: World AIDS Day
Country: Honduras
Keren works to educate her peers about HIV and AIDS

You're a teenager and you're diagnosed with HIV. You stand out from the crowd. What would you do?

Marking the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day, youth leaders can inspire young people in their church to stand out from the crowd and reject stigma.

Our instant session for youth groups tells the story of Honduran teenager Keren González Dunaway. Although being born with HIV, Keren set up her own magazine to stamp out the myths surrounding HIV and AIDS, and offer advice, care and support to almost 10,000 of her peers.

Take the lead with Keren and Christian Aid and unite young people in speaking out against prejudice.

Be a part of showing the church's true colours!

Pick 'n' mix video clips

On HIV get up to date with the facts
Young people in Jamaica – meet three Brits inspired by Christian Aid partner Jamaica AIDS Support for Life
Frie in Ethiopia – meet 22-year-old Frie who trained as a volunteer HIV/AIDS counsellor  
Emmanuel in Zambia – pray for children like Emmanuel, orphaned by AIDS

Age: Youth group (11-18)
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