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Theme: HIV and AIDS
Country: Ethiopia, Cambodia, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Scotland, Zambia
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In some people's minds, HIV and sexual unfaithfulness go hand in hand. In reality, many sexually faithful people are HIV-positive and millions of children are born with HIV. The bottom line is that we're called to be like Jesus in our attitude and actions - non-condemnatory and full of love.

Worldwide, more than 6,000 15-24-year-olds are infected with HIV each day. In the UK, 80,000 people are living with HIV right now. And numbers are rising. HIV is a difficult issue to discuss - particularly in church - but it's something that young people need to know about.

This resource pack has everything you need to run an informed, engaging and empowering session with your group, including challenging young people to think about how their faith can impact their attitude towards HIV.

Age: Youth group (11-18)
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