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Time for tax sixth form resource
Theme: Poverty eradication and the campaign for tax justice
Country: Global, Guatemala, Zambia
Jaqueline Vicente, 12, from Guatemala

A Christian Aid sixth form workshop for students aged 16 and over about poverty eradication and the campaign for tax justice.

The global culture of financial secrecy allows some unscrupulous firms to dodge tax - and rob poor countries of more than $160bn a year. In 2012, tax dodging has become front page news. Now, more and more people are connecting tax dodging with poverty and injustice in the developing world.

This workshop for sixth formers will increase awareness of the role taxation plays in helping governments to provide essential services, to explore the economic and social consequences of tax dodging, and to engage with Christian Aid’s campaign for tax justice.

Download your workshop plan and activity sheets from the resource toolbox on the right.

Age: 16+ / Sixth form / Youth group (11-18)