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Children holding collection boxes

Christian Aid believes young people can make a big difference.

We know that when people join forces - across divides of religion and nationality - they begin to build a world of justice and hope. We believe that everyone can be part of bringing about this new world, no matter how young they are.

That's why we produce great games and resources to help young people stay informed about our work, provide ideas about how they can make a difference and see how lives are changed with their support.

One way everyone can support the vital work of Christian Aid's partners around the world is to get involved in fundraising!

Your old mobile or ink cartridge can help save the world!

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to raise cash for Christian Aid and you're concered about climate change, then why not set up a recycling scheme in your youth group?

We have launched a new combined scheme where you can recycle mobiles and ink cartridges in one collection. Clocking up £4 for every mobile and £1 for every ink cartridge.

Set up your scheme in an instant by calling 0845 130 2010 or log on to

You'll receive a unique reference number that will alllow you to keep track of the number of mobiles and cartridges you've donated. You can also order new recycling envelopes and a downloadable poster for use in youth groups, churches or school. Once you have collected more than 15 items you can arrange for them to be collected, free of charge, from anywhere in the country. That's magic!

Toilet with water splashing out of it

Our resources put the fun in fundraising!

Find out how to flush out poverty with our resource about water, sanitation and decorating toilets! Intrigued? Find out more on the Flush! for schools or Flush! for youth groups pages.

Our Supercake! pack has lots of fun ideas, too.


Two top reasons why it's good to give to Christian Aid

We work in partnership with local people

Brothers, Luís and Richard
Our supporters are from the UK and Ireland, but we work with around 600 local organisations, or ‘partners’, from all around the world. They are called partners because they have an equal share in making decisions. After all, they know what it’s really like to live in their countries and what they need to help themselves out of poverty.

For more than 60 years, thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, we have made a very practical difference to millions of lives around the world and have spoken out powerfully for freedom and justice.


We work really hard to ensure that as much as possible of the money you give reaches the people who need it most
Out of every pound/euro we receive, we spend:
• 52% on long-term development projects
• 17% on responding to emergencies
• 12% on campaigning
• 18% on fundraising
• 1% on administration
We channel funds into local community groups and church organisations in the countries where we work. Our partners use the money to help people directly. We do not give money to governments, nor do we fund individuals because we want to make sure that the money reaches the right people and is used to benefit whole communities.

Our main focus is on long-term development in poor communities, but we also respond to disasters such as the tsunami in Asia. And, as many of the causes of poverty, such as debt or trade, are political or economic in origin, we see campaigning on these issues as an essential aspect of our work.

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